Spring Work Day, April 30 – 9 – 12pm

We will be assisting Plaster Creek Stewards, an organization sponsored/managed by Calvin Collage Stewards’ Spring Event – restoration activities scheduled for Saturday, April 30, 9:00 am to noon.  Activities begin with a brief presentation at Calvin’s Bunker Interpretive Center at 1750 E. Beltline, SE, then on to our work activity.
Bunker Center is located north of Burton St. immediately beyond the overhead pedestrian crossing at the first opportunity for a right turn off the E. Beltline.  Drive across the street immediately parallel to the E. Beltline to a the parking area for Bunker Center.  The Center is a short walk from the parking area.   Google “Bunker Interpretive Center” for a visual image.

View the Flyer for this Event


Calvin College Plaster Creek Stewards